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lutron savant pro

Karl Melkerts

Managing Director

Karl has over 12 years experience in the home technology industry. He previously enjoyed 8 successful years as a special effects engineer within the film industry. He has extensive mechanical engineering experience and is a stickler for the detail.

Conor Morrison-Barstow

Creative Director

Conor has over 12 years experience as a highly talented lighting designer. He has extensive knowledge of products, manufacturers and emerging technologies. His inspired designs bring homes and gardens to life.

Lee Price

Operations Director

Lee has over 24 years experience within the lighting and home technology industry. He has completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects. He has extensive programming experience with all the major industry brands.

Ed Allday

Project Manager

Ed has been in the industry longer than his years should allow. He has extensive experience in both commercial and residential installations and a working relationship spanning more than a decade with Lee. Together they are a formidable team.

James Hogg

Chief Technology Officer

James is an experienced IT professional with a human understanding of our IT needs. Equipment choices are rigorously vetted and tested to ensure only the very best of breed are installed. He’s an approachable geek.

Tom Lloyd-Oliphant

Financial Controller

Tom has over 16 years within the lighting and home technology industry. He has an extensive network of industry contacts to draw upon. Tom takes care of the finances.

Andy Wyer

Sales Administrator

Andy keeps us all up to date throughout the project. He has extensive experience in home technology and lighting sales and support. He coordinates all parts of the sales and installation process.

Nile Woodburn

Technical Lighting Design

Nile has over 10 years in the lighting design industry and ensures all the fixtures and fittings we supply work seamlessly together. He is also an incredibly nice man.

Chris Taylor

In-house Architectural Designer

Chris is a successful architectural designer in his own right and makes short work of keeping our on-site documentation up to date. He brings his professional eye to all our projects, helping make creative ideas a reality.

Chris Talbot

Programmer - Engineer

Chris is a friendly representative of Twisted Pear on site an experienced installer of our home technologies. Always found smiling and happy in his work, Chris delivers the physical apparatus of our systems.

Danny Mason

Programmer - Engineer

Danny, despite his young years, has already completed an impressive list of projects in the industry. He has an intuitive understanding of lighting systems. He can also be found working on both the IT and AV installations when required.

Laurie Rothwell

Programmer - Engineer

With a 1st in Sound and Music from Oxford Brookes, Laurie is an invaluable member of the team and a stand out engineer. Laurie takes pride in his work and builds the best, neatest equipment racks in the business.

Mark Ryan


Based in our Northern Office, Mark can often be found on site in London too. A highly skilled and experienced engineer who whilst a 'jack of all trades' is also master of them all.

Paul Thompson

Lead Electrician

Paul undertakes our electrical installations. With over 20 years experience, he is highly qualified. He can also turn his hand to the installation of our home technology and lighting systems. His work ethic is seconded only by the quality of his work.

Rodrigo Herrera


Rodrigo is really so much more than an electrician, he can turn his hand to most things. He’s practically minded and an invaluable member of the team. He can achieve amazing things with a screwdriver.

Pip Lloyd-Oliphant

Human Resources

Pip keeps all the Is dotted and the Ts crossed. She makes sure our operation runs smoothly and efficiently. She has the added special title of 'Official Twisted Pear Telephone System Voice Over Artist'.

David Sampson

Office Manager

David has the unenviable task of maintaining decorum in our busy London office, as well as keeping the warehouse well stocked and organised. He is also an invaluable member of the lighting team, helping deliver specialist projects.